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Lincoln Has One Heck of a Head-Turner in the 2017 Navigator

Has your new-car search ultimately led you to the full-size luxury SUV segment? Well, if so, we here at Gene Messer Lincoln of Amarillo would be quick to point you in the direction of ours, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator.

Why, though?

Keep pace with today's blog post and we'll be sure to spell it out.

For us, much of the Lincoln Navigator's appeal is predicated on that which is found under the hood -- namely, its 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 engine.

Mustering a massive 380 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque, the V6 syncs with a six-speed automatic…

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All-New 2017 Lincoln Continental is One Stylish, Sophisticated Sedan

No matter how you slice it, there sure is an awful lot to appreciate about the 2017 Lincoln Continental, our esteemed American automaker's full-size sedan.

"Such as what?" you wonder.

It's a fair question, no doubt -- and one that we'll try to contextualize in today's post. Follow along to learn more about this lengthy luxury cruiser.

The Lincoln Continental's entry-level engine, a 3.7-liter V6, should meet the needs of most motorists quite capably.

Teaming with a six-speed automatic transmission with steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters, the base V6 produces a potent 305 ...

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2018 Lincoln Navigator Introduced in New York

Last April, Lincoln Motor Company unveiled the all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator at the New York International Auto Show, showcasing an elevated new version of the family-friendly SUV.

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator's elegant nature is evidenced by the chrome grille and turbine-style wheels, design elements that transferred over from the Lincoln Navigator concept introduced at last year's show.

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Lincoln MKX Named a U.S. News & World Report Best Family Car

Recently, U.S. News & World Report declared that the 2017 Lincoln MKX was chosen as "Best Luxury 2-Row SUV" in their "2017 Best Cars for Families" awards. These awards are given to the vehicles that provide those amenities most needed by today's families, with the editors crediting the Lincoln MKX with available family-friendly features, high safety and reliability ratings, ample passenger and cargo space and an abundance of positive reviews from automotive writers.

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The 2017 Lincoln Continental is an Autotrader Must Test Drive Vehicle

Last month, it was revealed that the 2017 Lincoln Continental, Lincoln's flagship sedan, was one of the 12 vehicles chosen by Autotrader to receive "2017 Must Test Drive" awards. The editorial staff agreed that the state-of-the-art sedan exudes style and luxury, with several writers calling attention to the vehicle's good looks, upscale details and luxurious interior.

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Know the Causes and Solutions to Vehicle Overheating

You can count on vehicles, especially those from our Lincoln lineup to provide you with quality in your drive, but in any situation it's always best to be a prepared driver. That means on the off-chance your vehicle overheats, you should know some of the causes, what to do, and how to prevent it so it doesn't happen to you.

How Do You Know Your Car is Overheating?

  • The check engine light comes…
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The Importance of Tie Rods on Your Lincoln

Here at Gene Messer Lincoln Amarillo, our goal is to keep your Lincoln running for a long time through our service department. If you're not experiencing a smooth ride, one issue might be tie rod ends, and today, we're going to explain those for you.

What is a tie rod end?

  • A tie rod end is part of the steering components in your vehicle, with an inner and outer end
  • It transmits force…
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Here is How You Fill Your Wiper Fluid

Here at Gene Messer Lincoln of Amarillo, we believe in car care because it leads to a better experience for you. There are things that our service center can do for you, but also, there are DIY maintenance tips that we have for everyone, and that includes changing your wiper fluid. It's simple, and we're confident even you can pull it off.

  • Open up the hood of your vehicle, and find the washer…
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Find the Cause for Your Vehicle's Squealing Noise

A squealing noise is nothing you want to hear coming from your car. It could mean a variety of things, and our service center is here to help you fix it. Since we believe in giving our drivers knowledge, we let you know what some of the things we look at to determine what might be the culprit.

  • If it squeals while you turn the steering wheel, it could be low power-steering fluid. It's…
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